Forex Robot TFOT review

   Three years ago I bought a Forex robot TFOT  software from BJF Trading Group. I was skeptical towards Forex robots and decided to try it out on a demo account. I regret it now, since I could have made a lot more on a real account  To my surprise, the robot exceeded all my expectations. Ultimately, I have moved the robot to my regular trading account and within 3 years earned $40,000 in profit – that is a  400% gain on my initial deposit. No other Forex robot I previously purchased have ever worked continuously for such a long period of time and actually made money. I was impressed to receive a free update in the mail 3 days ago. I have tested this software with two other broker firms and the result were as good. I’m confident that the robot’s performance is not affected by the change in brokerage firms. Based on the results I got, the Forex Robot makes it possible to generate up to 120% return when trading on a low risk fixed lot. I haven’t yet tested the software with a variable lot size, but according to my observations, it is possible to achieve 400% annual return with an average risk factor. I want to thank BJF Trading Group for this excellent product!