PowerTradeCopier – reviews

PowerTradeCopier – Forex Money manager review

 I’d like to share my experience using PowerTradeCopier.  I manage hundreds of traders’ accounts across variety of brokerage firms. Most of them run on MT4 platform but some opened accounts with Currenex and Imax. For simultaneous real-time trading on all accounts I’m using Powertradercopier. This particular copier has many advantages over all other software I came across. I’d like to highlight two noteworthy advantages of Powetradercopier. First – the copying is performed with zero lag; second – there is no need to hold multiple terminals open on my desktop, which was vey inconvenient. Some of the disadvantages are -unnecessary options on the UI, which overloads the system and user unfriendly installer. The tech support; however, is stellar – all inquiries and issues are resolved within an hour. To recap, – PTC makes it possible to trade on a single MT4 terminal, while copying my orders to client accounts across all brokerage firms and lot sizes, which depend on the size of client accounts. To my knowledge, Powertradercopier is the best copier out there which I trust with the money of my clients and my own.