PowerTradeCopier – Signal provider review

Here is my feedback on Powertradecopier. I use the copier to send Forex trading signals to my clients. I like this product because all my clients receive the signals with no delay and are automatically applied to their accounts. The first copier I used worked though a web page and had a 2 second delay. Many clients discontinued service, since their results did not match my results. Two years ago, I began using PowerTrade Copier with a small customer base of 30 clients. Today I have over 350 clients and a very high customer retention rate. My customers enjoy 0 latency in signal delivery. Increase in client base had no effect on the speed of the copying. PowerTradeCopier also has a very user friendly interface and makes it effortless to create new customer accounts. I’d like to thank Artem from PowerTradeCopier service team for his immaculate and professional support!

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